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This Chinese Mandarin Speech Recognition Corpus, which was collected in China, contains the voices of 285 different native speakers (144 males, 141 females) who were balanced according to age (mainly 16-28, 29-45), gender and regional accents (26 Provinces and regions were covered). The database contains about 12.2 hours of recording. A set of 6,140 digit strings were specially designed for both training and testing of speech recognizers. 199 speakers uttered 30 digit strings, 86 speakers uttered 25 digit strings. All the speech data was transcribed and labeled.

Credits: 533.00

This Chinese Mandarin Speech Recognition Corpus was collected in China and contains the voices of 20 different native speakers. Each speaker red some person names, place names, digit strings and stock names in a moving car. It includes 19,198 audio files and about 20.9 hours.

Credits: 667.00

Entries: 12900
Phoneme inventory: XSAMPA
Format: ASCII format with UTF8 character set.
Stress: include
Syllable boundary: include

Credits: 1200.00

This one channel Hokkien Speech Recognition Corpus is collected in Fujian, which is owned by Acoustic Signal and Speech Processing Lab - Xiamen University. There are 40 native speakers in total. The database contains 10134 audio files. All the speech data was transcribed and labeled.

Relevent Paper: The Hokkien Isolated Word Recognition System Based on FPGA (Or copy this link to browser: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1nuHoPuh)
Reference:Lin Li, Wenhao Xu, Jiawen Wu, Shan He, Xiaochao Li
                     Department of Electronic Engineering, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
                     Xiamen Key Lab of Micro-Nano-Electron Devices & Integrated System, Xiamen, China
                     C Design &IT Research Center of Fujian Province, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
                     E-mail: heshan@xmu.edu.cn, lilin@xmu.edu.cn

Credits: 500.00 or Price: 770 USD

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