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Must-Know About Data Sharing
  • KingLine Data Center (refer to KDC thereafter) is an academic data resource sharing and exchanging platform, aiming to provide high quality data resources in the field of artificial intelligence. We welcome ASR, TTS, TEXT, LEXICON and IMAGE corpus with fine quality.
  • KDC encourages members to share their data resources by giving considerable credits. With which, members can exchange other data available with KDC. It's the best way to gain credits compare to other manners. (Know more about how to gain credits, please click here).
  • Please MAKE SURE the intact intellectual property of your data. Or, make sure you have the permission of property owner.
  • If there is any document which shows your legal or full rights to dispose the data, please E-mail them to marketing@speechocean.com with the subject of "Data Sharing", please indicate your user name, or the registered E-mail ID.
  • KDC is not responsible for any intellectual property disputes may be caused in the future under any circumstance.
  • Strongly recommend to view "How to share data with us" or "How to gain credits by sharing data" by clicking "How to Start".

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Contact Phone: 0086-10-62660053

Email: marketing@speechocean.com

How to Gain Credits