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Member Registration Protocol
KingLine Data Center is founded and operated with the purpose of providing the global researchers in AI technology with data resources, especially in the domains of ASR, TTS, Machine Translation and Nature Language Processing and etc. Meanwhile, it is also a data sharing platform for members to make full use of data resources. To learn more details, please click “Help”. 
KingLine Data Center guarantee the perfection of Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) of corpus built and released by Speechocean. The same will not apply to corpus released or shared by other institutions or individuals;
KingLine Data Center is independent of any behavior/results/disputes related to intellectual property/social security/legal provision, and is not responsible of any achievements or intermediates in the basis of using data resources of KingLine Data Center, including corpus, samples and textual material.
Please avoid false, radical or underserved comments while interacting with other members, otherwise the comments will be deleted or the account will be banned from registration.

Members shall stick to the following instruction while using academic data resources built and released by Speechocean:
Data resources could be used only for academic research, experimental, testing and model training purpose in IA or other related technical fields. Other purpose including commercial activities and illegal attempts is strictly against by Speechocean.
The data resources gained from KingLine Data Center should not be copied, amended, transferred or published until authorized by Speechocean.
You may use the following format for the convenience of quoting data in scientific research:
KingLine Data Center, Canadian French in-car ASR database (King-ASR-L-129), Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology Ltd. www.speechocean.com,2009
KingLine Data Center, Chinese-English-Japanese-Korean parallel translation database (King-MT-L-002), Beijing Haitian Ruisheng Science Technology Ltd. www.speechocean.com,2009